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When we set up KITVENDR we did so with a mission to transform the fortunes of the clubs that we worked with. Our business is about more than just allowing clubs to sell good quality merchandise more effectively, a problem that many sports clubs encounter, it is about plugging these clubs into a platform which is designed to support the growth of grassroots sport and offer game-changing possibilities for them in terms of how they generate income and reinvest it in their club.

For the most part grassroots clubs rely heavily on the goodwill of their volunteers to carry out all the normal tasks and roles associated with running their club and generating enough income to cover their costs nevermind reinvest into their club is a huge challenge.

KITVENDR at its heart is an ecommerce platform that aims to allow sports clubs of all sizes to utilise their influence in their community and to sell products and services to their members and supporters without the costs and hassles that normally come with doing this. Whether you are a supporter buying club merchandise, buying a ticket to a game or event, paying your membership, or buying a new pair of trainers to play the sport with, clubs are at the heart of a retail operation which oftentimes they do not take full advantage of. Primarily because it is not feasible for them to do so. Not any more!

With KITVENDR, every club member and supporter will have the opportunity to help generate new income for their club by simply interacting with and buying the things that they would normally buy anyway in connection with their club. Our first goal was to find an effective way to start working with clubs and merchandise in the form of buying an item of club headwear or apparel was an area where felt we could really make a difference. Through our platform we have made this as easy to buy a high quality product for your local club as it is to buy a similar item for a professional side with their various licensed retail partners providing this service to them. It would seem a simple enough idea to buy a cap for your local club but when you factor in minimum order quantities, long lead times and the admin hassle and cost of buying in the stock in the first place, it’s often a time consuming and highly inefficient process. Our business model allows us to produce each item “to order” whilst earning the club a generous commission on each sale. It allows clubs to sell more, it takes away all the normal hassles of doing this and there are absolutely no upfront costs.

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