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  •    Sport Wear

Basic rules to get products for free

  • 1. Friend (registered user, invited by you)
  • 2. Every time your new Friend, got Signed Up, you get a "Bond"
  • 3. You can change bonds to "SHARE AND GET" products
    There are few ways to share:
  • 1. Send links to friends
  • 2. Share to Social Media
  • 3. Send invitation emails (soon)
    To make "SHARE AND GET" order:
  • 1. Click "SHARE AND GET" button to share and create order
  • 2. Invite friends to Sign Up via your invitation link
  • 3. Ones friend got Signed Up you get the bond
  • 4. You can change a bond(s) to your "SHARE AND GET" order
    To be a Qualified:
  • 1. Invite new Friend (any registered user, invited by you)
  • 2. Do not invite fake "friends"
  • We're checking all referrals and new registrations and We're reserve the right to delete any suspicious accounts and orders
    Which items to share:
  • 1. You can share only items with "SHARE AND GET" link
  • 2. Depend on product cost you have to invite from 1 to 5 friends to get it
quick f.a.q.
  • Q: Can I get it free if my friend is not a new registered customer?
  • A: Unfortunately, no. You have to invite new user to be qualified for free order.
  • Q: I've invited my friends and ready to claim my free order, how do I do it?
  • A: Just log in to your dashboard at Aiwee. Go to the "My shares" and once you've been qualified you can click "Get order" button!
  • Q: If my friend shares my link, and then any new user Signed Up with that link, can I still get my order for free?
  • A: Yes! No matter who have shared your link, if new user was Signed Up, you'll get your order!
  • Q: Why can't I claim my free order even after I've done everything right?
  • A: Probably your invites wasn't qualified. Aiwee reserves the right to investigate, monitor and delete any suspicious accounts. We will routinely check all new registrations and relevant activity. We must be ensured that nobody has an unfair advantage over others. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Us via Ticket