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Kitvendr to enter French market

Following an incredibly challenging year for ourselves and many businesses in the sports industry we are pleased to announce that we are expanding our operations to serve the French market. With our manufacturing and production facilities split between Glasgow, Scotland and Lodz, Poland, we are ideally set up to serve customers across the UK and the EU.

We have recently welcomed Ibrahim Khoubba to Team Kitvendr and he will be helping to develop our operations in France.

Hi Ibrahim, tell us a little about yourself and your background.

For as long as I can remember I have been in love with sport. When I was 2 I accompanied my brothers and sisters to the Karate dojo and started training myself from the age of 4 and it is a discipline which I still practise to this day. I am now also involved as a Karate teacher working with the club where I first took up Karate as a child. I'm also a huge football fan, I play at a social level and work with various clubs through my work as a referee and coach.

I have a passion for sport in general, whatever the discipline. This led me to study sports management and marketing and I also worked as a Manager at Foot Locker, one of the major retailers in the distribution of sportswear, where I gained a lot of experience working with different brands and developing my knowledge of the sports retail market. I am excited to join Kitvendr and to take up a new challenge working with a start-up that offers a service that I think will make a huge impact on the industry and the clubs that we work with.

Why do you think Kitvendr is ideal for the French market?

Grassroots sport has been massively impacted during these tough times. Only the top level professional sporting world has benefitted from an exemption to be able to continue to play, albeit without the presence of fans and supporters. Not only has this lack of sport impacted people’s ability to play sport, but it has also reminded us how important our sports clubs are as meeting places, where we enjoy the company of our friends and family.

France is a country where sport is at the heart of society’s concerns and where it is viewed as an important part of our physical and mental well-being, as revealed by an Ifop poll (9 out of 10 French people agreed with this statement). Sport allows France to create a feeling of pride and national identity as can be seen at major international events. The success that France has experienced at the top level has often led to professional clubs and federations benefitting from an increase in ticket sales and merchandising and therefore their income. Unfortunately, these benefits aren’t particularly enjoyed by clubs operating below the top level.

What interested me about Kitvendr initially, is that they are solving a major problem that these clubs and their volunteers experience while at the same time helping to bring new investment into the club. They really understood the challenges that clubs face and I can see that the business has huge potential on the French market.

Finally, tell us, who is your favourite sporting idol and why?

I appreciate Mohamed Ali enormously, because of his glorious sporting past which makes him a legend of the discipline. But I appreciate the human aspect even more because of his social engagement. A great man with values both on and off the field.

For any clubs in France interested in finding out more, or anyone with contacts within French clubs who you think may be interested in talking with us, please drop Ibrahim an email at

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